Social Summer

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Social skills are the tools that enable people to communicate, learn, ask for help, get needs met in appropriate ways, get along with others, make friends, develop healthy relationships, and protect themselves.

Typical social skill deficits include: initiating interactions, responding to the initiations of others, maintaining eye contact, sharing enjoyment, reading the non-verbal cues of others, and taking another person’s perspective.

Social skills groups are recommended for children with a variety of presenting concerns and diagnostic conditions. ASD, ADHD, and anxiety are common diagnostic formulations in which social skills deficits are present.

Benefits of Social Skills Groups

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved school performance

Healthier peer relationships

Better management of emotions and reactions

Provides structured opportunities to learn complex social and communication skills with similar-age peers

Skills your child will learn


Self-awareness & Confidence

Emotional regulation



Initiating conversations & responding to others


Every Wednesday from June 29th – August 10th (except for July 27th). Each session will include a short lesson, games, and activities!

Group 1

Ages 5-6
1:30PM – 2:15pm

Group 2

Ages 9-11
2:30PM – 3:30pm

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