How To Boost Language On A Walk

May 29, 2020 | Daily Routines

With two horses….. I mean dogs…. we go on lots of walks! Next time you head outside for a walk, try one of these activities to incorporate more language.

I Spy

I remember playing I Spy during long road trips but can easily be used on a walk. Practice with different things in nature like plants, animals, bugs, etc. If your child is younger, give more clues. For example, describe the color/sound/action/category of the item.

  • “I spy something brown that says woof!” (dog)
  • “I spy something blue where fish live.” (pond)
  • “I spy something red with black spots.” (ladybug)


Maverick & Hootie love a good race. It usually ends in Hootie biting Maverick’s tail, but still. If you have some open space, make it fun!

  • Practice saying “ready, set, go!”
  • Run fast or slow

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to incorporate more language, and fun, into your walk! You can talk about things you want to look for before you leave the house and make a list.

  • Animals (dogs, birds, rabbits, squirrels)
  • Bugs (caterpillars, worm, ant)
  • Water (pool, pond, lake)

Let me know your thoughts below! Happy walking!

Alyssa Dudley, MS CCC-SLP

Owner, The Child Inspired