My First Words

Jul 1, 2020 | Books for Children

Children typically begin saying their first word around 12 months of age. This is just an average so if your child doesn’t say their first word by 12 months old, please don’t panic! Using picture books is a great opportunity to not only get your child interested in reading, but to also make connections from real life objects to pictures.

Things to Note

Since this book doesn’t follow a storyline, it can be really easy to turn it into a quiz. For example you might catch yourself repeating the phrase, “what’s this?” over and over again. That can be boring for both you and your child and you want reading to be fun! It is okay to ask questions, just try to limit the amount that you ask. Talk about things you see, what sounds objects make, etc.

IMG 8334

How I might read this page:

  • “Oh look! I see a red apple.”
  • “Mmmmm pasta, that’s my favorite!”
  • “Can you find the juice?”

IMG 8335

How I might read this page:

  • “Wow, look how pretty that flower is. I wonder if it smells good? (pretend to sniff and then sneeze… it usually gets a giggle)”
  • A bumble bee says “buuzzzzzzz”
  • “Ah! there are ants crawling up the tree!”

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Alyssa Dudley, MS CCC-SLP

Owner, The Child Inspired